HILDA – A trip down memory lane

HILDA takes elderly people on an exciting journey into the past where they can enjoy memories of their childhood and youth evoked by unforgettable music. Like no other service before, this userfriendly programme combines different decades, their music and memories as well as the people behind those stories. HILDA is developped in a way that elderly people can use it on their own, or they can share the listening experience with someone else.


In this programme, well known Finnish artists are performing legendary songs from different decades. With the support of a vast range of professional musicians, each song has been re-arranged in a way that respects the original versions.


What’s more, HILDA’s users can record the memories, that have been evoked, and share them with other HILDA users across the country. HILDA is helping to support the creation of a virtual community for elderly people using wellbeing technology.


In HILDA you hear Finnish hit singles from the past decades. Each song has been arranged anew, while honouring the original. In doing so, the music successfully combines the old with the new and makes it accessible to people of all ages.

On the basis of the user´s birth year, HILDA creates a personalised journey to the person´s youth by using pictures and songs from that time. During this trip you can hear for example Juha Tapio´s interpretation of ”Juokse sinä humma”, ”Heili karjalasta” performed by Olavi Uusivirta or ”Tula tullalla” sang by Mikael Konttinen.


Music has the unique ability to revive memories, even those that seem to be lost due to memory loss. With HILDA an old age person travels back to his/her youth accompanied by music, positive bits of historical facts and vintage photographs. The memories evoked by these impressions can be recorded by HILDA and made available to all users. This way HILDA creates a growing collective memory of the elderly generation that can be shared and cherished across Finland.


HILDA has been developed especially for elderly people. The programme uses a touch screen and takes into account special specifications for people with memory lapses, for instance a suitable colour scheme as well as large and clearly distinctive buttons. 

Throughout HILDA the user is accompanied by a personal ”travel guide” called Ville-Veikko. His charming personality can be seen and heard as he explains every step through the programme.


HILDA is being delivered as a cable free listening station ready to use immediately. Light weight and small in size, it can be carried easily to where it´s needed, for example to the home of an elderly person.

For use in nursing homes, HILDA can be ordered with an adjustable floor stand to make it easy to move to any position necessary. Moving on wheels, the stand can be placed and angled comfortably near to a wheel chair or even to the bed of an old person.

HILDA comes with two headphones. The device can also be connected to loud speakers, which makes it possible to use it for instance in group activities as part of adult day programmes in care homes.